Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Darren Hercyk


internship, leadership development, college ministry, handbook, experiential learning


Leadership Studies


The purpose of this DMIN action research project was to create a handbook for the Family Church Internship in South Florida. The internship at Family Church is a thriving and growing program. However, it lacked a guiding handbook. This project created an internship handbook through a series of careful interviews. Eighteen individual interviews were conducted with project participants. Six interviewees were current interns, six were intern alumni, and six were intern supervisors. A first draft of the handbook was written and distributed to participants. Eighteen follow-up interviews were conducted with the same interviewees. A final draft of the handbook was written and attached to this project as an appendix. All thirty-six interviews provided insights and ideas that were incorporated into the handbook. The six main themes that emerged across all three dozen conversations were community, confidence, experiential learning, access to leaders, advancement, and graduation. Overall, the conclusion is that the installation of a handbook into the internship at Family Church will significantly improve the program and the one created by this project is essential to long-term success.