Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Godson K. Mensah


Interpersonal skills, project management, completion rates




Project managers have a challenging yet rewarding occupation that directly affects everyone within the community. To overcome their challenges, project managers rely on their training, experience, and the skills they develop throughout their careers. This research aimed to determine if there is a correlation between applying interpersonal skills as a project manager and higher completion rates within the construction industry. Additionally, this research aimed to assess the relationship between interpersonal skills and quality completion rates in the construction industry. The study was conducted within the construction industry, specifically focusing on road and building construction, surveying project managers working for private companies and governmental agencies in Texas. The researcher collected data by interviewing 12 project managers and observing their work environments. There was a significant difference between project managers who understood and effectively applied interpersonal skills in their work environments versus those who did not effectively apply interpersonal skills. Project managers revealed the importance of developing interpersonal skills to manage projects effectively and efficiently. These findings indicate the need for interpersonal skills development, mentorship, and coaching programs.

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