Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Brian Sandifer


Relativism, High School, Apologetics, Theology, Curriculum, Teaching, Students


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


The purpose of this action research project is to develop and teach an apologetic curriculum on relativism to the high school students at Eastern Hills Church. The research project will measure the student's prior knowledge of relativism and show that an apologetic curriculum on the topic can be used in order to grow their knowledge of the worldview that inhabits their generation. There were twenty total student participants. Eight total male students ranging from 9th grade to the 12th grade level. There were twelve female students ranging from the 9th grade to the 11th grade level. Each student was given an identical introductory questionnaire in order to measure their prior knowledge on the topic of relativism. The students participated in a curriculum that contained three sessions. These sessions contained teaching on theories of truth, theories of relativism, statistics of their generation’s worldviews, and a biblical examination of truth in relation to relativistic worldviews. After the curriculum, the students were each then given the same questionnaire as before, in order to measure if they gained knowledge on the topic. These two questionnaires were then statistically compared to see if the created curriculum on relativism helped solve the problem presented by this church. The research found that the purposed curriculum was successful in teaching the students and aiding their knowledge of relativism. Not only did their scores immensely increase on the topic but using apologetics as a tool was successful in teaching the students.