School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Jerry Newman


Music, Music Education, Special Education, Students with Special Needs, Autism, Public School, Music Teacher


Music | Special Education and Teaching


Students with special needs are legally guaranteed comprehensive educational support, but some school districts do not provide education support for students with special needs because they do not know the laws and regulations. Also, some local school districts do not provide adequate educational support for special-needs students, even though they know the law. Therefore, this qualitative study investigates the current state of music education for Korean-American students with special needs living in Los Angeles County and Orange County through surveys and statistical data on local school districts. In particular, most schools have already implemented inclusive music classes. Therefore, music teachers need to know how to care for and deal with students with special needs when they teach their music in classes. Through this study, music teachers can learn how to prepare music classes for students with special needs and what terms and requirements they need to learn about the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Also, the music education manager of the district will be able to know the music education that parents want, and it will be an opportunity to prepare a curriculum that can be applied to students with special needs.