School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Samuel J Smith

Primary Subject Area

Education, Teacher Training; Philosophy; Sociology, General


Christian, Education, Mission, Teaching, Worldview


The research conducted sought to find evidence to answer the following questions: Do students in teacher preparation programs who feel called to enter the Christian mission field as general education teachers have a worldview that is more closely aligned with biblical principles than other teacher groups? Is there a correlation between the worldview of mission general education teachers and propensity to volunteer for the field? What do students consider as influence in their decisions to commit to the Christian mission service profession? The data gathered indicated that participants who intended to volunteer at mission schools had significantly higher scores in all the types of worldview than participants with no such intention. All of the worldview scores were highly and directly correlated with propensity to volunteer. The results of the qualitative supplement indicate that influential persons and life changing events are important to their decisions to work in a mission setting. Suggestions for further research are also included.