Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Darren E. Hercyk


fasting, praying, Daniel Fast, research in a small church




The problem is that members of a small church were not praying and fasting often. When asked to pray in a congregational setting, they were hesitant. Therefore, the researcher invited fourteen God's Chosen Generation Church members to volunteer for a six-week prayer and fasting research study. The study sought to demonstrate that when praying and fasting are applied together, Christians can hear from God and better understand His will for their life. However, three participants decided to leave the research for personal obligations. Those who continued received a prayer and fasting schedule to pray three times a day and information on fasting with the Daniel Fast for three days per week. The research intended to help them restore and strengthen their relationship with God. To discuss their progress, the researcher scheduled a weekly Zoom meeting. During the study, the participants kept a daily journal of their progress and turned these in weekly. The researcher obtained data from interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and surveys. At the end of six weeks, the results from the post-praying and fasting survey were astounding. The intricacies of being a small church made it easy for each participant to build relationships that evolved during the meetings. Moreover, the participants gave testimonies of how God changed their life through healing, finances, and becoming closer to Him. Praying and fasting became powerful tools when applied together.

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