Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Darren Hercyk


Dedicated, Discipline, Disciple, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Cell Phones, Distractions, Focus, Church




The researcher chose the topic of this thesis because members of Last Days Ministries (LDM) lacked dedication and focus during church worship and service. The project aimed to discover what caused LDM members to lack commitment and focus during worship and service time and to find a way to alleviate the problem among LDM members. This thesis project includes four themes from doing this project, of which three concern distractions. Those distractions came from cell phones, spontaneous distractions, and satanic distractions. Cell phone distraction was at the top of the list of distractions that disrupted the church and kept LDM members from being dedicated and focused during worship and service time. Satanic distractions mainly came from other members of the church, who allowed Satan to use them. Spontaneous distractions, those noises that suddenly happen, interrupted the church because LDM members allowed the distractions to distract them. When LDM members chose to concentrate on God, spontaneous distraction lost its power over them. The final theme in this project discussed how the Holy Spirit of God gives strength to believers who submit themselves to Him. The researcher used the method of hosting a four-week workshop to find the four themes. First, the researcher solicited participants from LDM to participate in the workshop, which allowed them to input their feedback on the subject. Next, before the seminar took place, the researcher interviewed each participant. After the workshop, the researcher interviewed the participants again. The researcher used field notes during the interviews and the workshop. Finally, the researcher analyzed the data to identify the themes.

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