Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Philosophy


Gary Bredfeldt


spiritual maturity, organizational health, nonprofit, faith-based, crisis


Leadership Studies


This study was focused on learning what impact, if any, the spiritual maturity of the leaders of small evangelical faith-based nonprofit organizations (SEFNO) had on their organizational health. The purpose of this multi-case mixed-methods study was to understand and assess the spiritual maturity level of a leader, to find what influence, if any, it had in the management of the SEFNO and in the organization’s health, and to understand how important the participants in the organization viewed the leader’s spiritual maturity regarding its health considering a recent crisis. This study contained the findings produced from the research performed using surveys provided by the researcher to the leadership of the SEFNOs studied to determine their organizational health. The research utilized available measurement tools to measure organizational health of the SEFNO. A second survey measured the spiritual maturity of the SEFNO’s leader. A third survey, or self-assessment, provided quantitative data to determine the organizational health of the SEFNO. The population of this study was churches affiliated with the Grace Gospel Fellowship, as well as other small churches (as defined later in this study), and the sample group for this case study was three churches. While the results of this study did not produce its intended focus of learning about crises and their relationship to the spiritual maturity of the leadership in a SENFO, in this study new information regarding SENFO was learned, gaps in literature were revealed, and opportunities for future research were found.