School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy


Kevin White


dual enrollment, equity, deficit ideology, organizational learning


Education | Educational Leadership


The purpose of this collective case study was to discover how dual enrollment faculty members perceive and promote equity within dual enrollment courses taught at three high schools in collaboration with a partnering community college. The theory guiding this study was Argyris and Schön’s theory of organizational learning. Argyris and Schön offer insight into how an organization or individual may claim to promote equity but fail to look internally at the policies and practices that hinder equity. The central question was: How do dual enrollment faculty members define and promote equity within the dual enrollment program? Purposeful, criterion-based sampling was used to select the participants. The criteria included the participant’s role as a dual enrollment faculty member at a chosen high school working in collaboration with a community college. Data included interviews, observations, and documents and were analyzed using value and descriptive coding. Within-case and cross-case analysis was performed. The study revealed several themes: teachers defined equity as a means to promote fairness and attain justice, teachers used a variety of practices to achieve equitable outcomes, teachers believed the community college had no impact on their understanding of equity and equitable practices, and teachers believed the high school had an impact on their understanding of equity and equitable practices.