School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Jerry Newman


music, Take 6, music education, pop, jazz


Fine Arts | Music


While the inclusion of popular music and music ensembles in music education programs continues to gain momentum internationally, it appears that a need exists for music educators to develop a more concrete understanding of how somebody might construct a popular music education curriculum. And presented in a way that supports the shared vision of a democratic, inclusive, and rigorous music education. Although there is a rich tradition of choral singing and many fantastic works to share with students, music educators who studied Accapella changed our perspectives. They began to incorporate popular music with students because music educators found that it provided unique opportunities to enrich students' musical experiences. Despite the typical views of music educators, a group of men from the campus of Oakwood College, now Oakwood University, changed the face of acapella music and influenced other writers in the choral music world and traditional jazz band literature. The untold story of Take SIX and how they arranged music changed lives because they sought to fuse the big band world, neo-jubilee singing and create a style of their own. This study will be a qualitative study on music theory and the harmonic changes necessary to define the neo jubilee style. This study also covers the historical perspectives of quartet music, jazz band music, and how composers use this style of music to create film scores and other music for the jazz band and the choral classroom.