Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Brian Moulton


millennials, generations, missions, the mission of God, Great Commission, gospel, mission training, digital disciple


Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Religion


The millennial members of the Power of God Church have shown a lack of interest in participating in the local church's mission ministry. This lack of interest has caused the Missions Department and the church concern because fulfilling the mission of God is the mission of the church. The mission statement of the church is the focus of the ministry programs. Suppose the mission department creates a missions training program designed to focus on a technological learning style in which millennials thrive. Could it attract, involve, and engage millennials in future mission trips while educating them? It is this question that the research seeks to answer. Arriving at the answer is achieved by posing questions to millennials at the church via interviews and a focus group and searching books for authorial insight into their characteristics. This research will determine if conflicts within the church influenced the millennial's decision to participate. The findings from this research will be instrumental in informing and assisting churches in identifying potential problems and solutions relative to a generational group within the church.