Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Brian Moulton


evangelism, small group, culture, discipleship, ministry, motivation


Missions and World Christianity | Religion


This thesis project is a study on the evangelism toward young adult unbelievers by church members of The Power of the Living God Church of Galveston. This DMin action research project aims to motivate church members to evangelize this critical group of unbelievers. The focus will concentrate on the reasons given by members for non-participation. The questions concerning the lack of participation would be analyzed to assess the behavior of the members and to ultimately determine a path forward for effective participation. The project will utilize interviews and focus groups to ascertain the reasons for the lack of motivation for evangelism toward this targeted group. The answers to the questions concerning the lack of participation will be analyzed to assess the behavior of the church members. This project aims to motivate mature church members to participate in the outreach ministries toward this group of young adults. The thesis project will also include this researcher’s study of other sources addressing this area of evangelism for younger unbelievers. This research project will ultimately set forth a path for members to learn and engage in this endeavor toward the evangelization of the youth unbelievers.