Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Robert Massey


Laymen, Ministers, Church, Leadership, Training, Developing


Christianity | Religion


This thesis project explores the validity of a ministry training manual for developing, training, and equipping lay ministers at Fredericksburg Missionary Baptist Church. It assumes that if church members have leadership tools, they will use them to become more effective leaders. However, lay ministers often serve in ministry leadership roles without formal training. They should be trained and equipped by church leaders to lead effectively. Therefore, the question that this thesis project ask is, "Will a development and implementation of a leadership training manual equip lay ministers?" The Scripture is the primary literature resource for God’s provision in developing ministry leaders. It is the foundation for growth and creating tools for leadership. Lay ministers of Fredericksburg Missionary Baptist Church were the target group for this study. To validate the assessments, each participant answered interview questions, surveys, and post-seminary questions. Training and equipping lay ministers will enable them to be effective leaders in their roles, especially in small African American Churches, where a senior pastor typically oversees. The five ministry tools that can develop, train, and equip lay ministers are: understanding the call to ministry; second, hands-on training; third, conflict resolution; fourth, decision making; fifth, personal accountability. This research thesis project provides a ministry training manual for this church and can be utilized by other churches to develop lay ministers.

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