Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Charity Williams


Anxiety, Anxiolytics, Holistic, Alternative Treatment, Trichotomic View




The action research project aimed to implement a counseling model to equip clients experiencing anxiety with a holistic health approach. Anxiety is often treated by prescribed anxiolytics, although many women seeking counseling at Madison Counseling have not been formally diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The study's goal was to provide participants with physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and relational tools that can aid the participants in the reduction or alleviation of anxiety. The proposed model incorporated empirically proven techniques that balance the women's self to reduce symptomology by providing a healthy alternative to dealing with daily anxiety and stressors, thus reducing the need for women to think they need anxiety medication. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques incorporated with Scripture and meditation were implemented to counter distorted and irrational thinking. Information obtained from this study influences the field by providing a holistic health approach encompassing all aspects of the person, including the body, spirit, and soul, that can be utilized in the Western church and Christ-based counseling as an alternative or supplement to medication. Data were collected by a questionnaire, Likert scales, and information obtained through self-reports and counseling sessions. All five participants showed improvement from pre and post-Likert scales by learning and implementing the alternative skills acquired through the Rocket City Women's Study Guide and counseling.

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