School of Communication and the Arts


Doctor of Philosophy


Robert K. Mott


Strategic Communications' Strategic Thinking, Firm Performance, Middle-Level Managers




This study explored the relationship between Middle-Level Managers' (MLM) strategic communications, strategic thinking, and organizational performance. Pieces of evidence about strategic communications processes and strategic thinking supporting increased organizational performance are critical to an organization. According to researchers, when strategic communications and strategic thinking are not in the manager’s thought processes, any plans based upon such methods might fail to achieve the desired outcomes concerning organizational performance. While strategic communications and strategic thinking are essential to corporate performance, researchers have not fully substantiated their impact on the performance outcomes of an organization. Identifying to the highest Degree how a relationship exists between strategic communications of MLM, strategic thinking, and organizational performances could benefit an organization. Thus, the lack of strategic communication affects strategic thinking in an organization and could lead to less optimum performances, harming the community served. Organizations are critical to the United States of America economy; thus, the lack of knowledge regarding MLM strategic communications, strategic thinking, and their effects on organizational performances is worth studying. This research also suggested that decisions that significantly influence an organization's scope and direction could benefit from incorporating MLM strategic communications and thinking into the decision-making process. The non-integration of strategic communications and strategic thinking into decision-making processes might negatively affect a firm's performance. Thus, addressing this problem may improve organizational performance.

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