School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)


Laura Jean Mansfield

Primary Subject Area

Education, General


Traumatic Brain Injury, Teachers, Special Education, School Reintegration, Education


Special Education and Teaching


As more children reintegrate into the educational classrooms with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), educational teams must know the best ways to assist these students as they return to school. This predictive correlational study used multiple regression to analyze the linear relationship between the need for additional training of classroom teachers in the area of traumatic brain injury (TBI) based on the number of hours of TBI training teachers have received and their years of teaching experience. The sample included 74 elementary, middle, and high school general and special education classroom teachers throughout Texas. In this non-experimental study, participants submitted their online responses to the 40-item survey, Common Misconceptions of Traumatic Brain Injury (CM-TBI), and demographic information via REDCap. To analyze the participants' anonymous responses, the researcher used multiple regression. In using multiple linear regression analysis to examine the CM-TBI Survey results, the researcher will provide results, conclusions, and recommendations for further research. In using a multiple linear regression analysis, the researcher examined results and concluded that the predictor variables did not display an ability to predict a classroom teachers’ knowledge of TBI based on the CM-TBI survey.