Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Ronald Hawkins

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General; Religion, Clergy; Military Studies


The Senior Protestant Chaplain is given the responsibility for developing the entire protestant ministry of an Air Force Base. Faced with the task of how to lead other protestant chaplains, the parish council, various worship services, a religious education ministry, and protestant programs for every age group all with the intent of having one mission statement with goals and objectives for reaching this mission a strategy was developed for obtaining this outcome. Implementing the (1) Training the Protestant Parish Council Team, (2) a protestant strategic plan, (3) a schedule of monthly meetings, (4) an organizational chart, (5) guidelines, (6) job descriptions, (7) setting an agenda, (8) having division/committee reports, (9) a lay ministry roster, (10) surveys, (11) using quality improvement proposals, (12) using quality performance measures, (13) using the parish council management flowchart, (14) an annual budget and (15) chaplain fund operational instructions not only meet this need but almost every protestant ministry excelled in growth through the using this fifteen step process on how to develop a twelve-month protestant parish council and protestant ministry.