Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Joshua Robert Dugan


Discipleship, Development, Small Groups, Multiplication, Discipleship Pathway


Christianity | Religion


For over 150 years, CrossLife Church has been proclaiming the gospel and serving the community in Oviedo, FL. Within the last 27 years, the church has seen over five thousand people baptized and 150 people commissioned and sent out for ministry and missions. However, the last 15 years has seen a plateau within the fabric of the church in terms of regular attenders. Many churches talk about discipleship and development, but the methods and processes to reach effectiveness in those areas varies. CrossLife Church has certainly seen an ebb and flow to its own methods that leads one to seek to evaluate how its strategies have helped and hindered the current mid-lining of growth. To properly ascertain the effectiveness of discipleship ministry in a church, one must evaluate the development system in place for the current leadership structure. How are leaders chosen? What is the teaching and training leaders go through? What role does the ministerial staff play in the development process? Through the results of this evaluation, the researcher will evaluate through interviews, surveys, and observation the discipleship and development process of CrossLife Church to establish the path forward to effective multiplication of leaders within the church.

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