Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Robert Evans


Strategic, Ministry, Planning


Christianity | Religion


Various organizations use strategic planning to produce growth and promote organizational health. Crosspoint Community Church in Huntington, West Virginia, had never developed or implemented a strategic plan. This project seeks to develop and implement a strategic plan for Crosspoint Community Church to produce growth and promote ministry health. A team of twenty congregants participated in the project. Through six three-hour sessions, the team used storyboarding to create a mission statement and a vision statement and identify and define the foundational values framing the strategy. The team evaluated the church’s ministries, leadership structure, facilities, and finances to develop a strategy to fulfill the stated mission and vision. Using storyboarding, the team identified the church’s target audience and ministries to reach that audience. The team developed plans to improve the church’s facilities and identify opportunities to increase the church’s finances to fund the proposed strategy. The team also adopted an evaluation process to ensure successful strategic implementation. The strategic plan was implemented earlier this year. Preliminary observations indicate that the strategic plan developed and implemented at Crosspoint Community Church in Huntington, West Virginia, is producing growth and promoting healthier ministry.

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