Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Kimberly Anthony


Leadership, Communication, Leaders, Followers




This qualitative research study explored why there is a lack of communication in leadership within the financial services industry in federal agencies in the southeastern region of the United States. The general problem to be addressed is a lack of communication in leadership resulting in ineffective lower-level management. This case study finds solutions to what is causing the lack of communication and how ineffective management can improve. The research questions aid in exploring the existing gap in the existing problem and guide the investigation. The case study consisted of interviews from 12 participants employed in the financial services industry. Several themes were discovered during the research study. The interpretation of the themes indicated that to improve a lack of communication in leadership in the federal government, leadership should work on providing clear direction and more effectively communicate organizational processes to their followers. There were two recommendations found based on the results of the research study. The first recommendation is for the organization to provide a volunteer survey asking questions regarding a lack of communication in leadership to get both leaders’ and followers’ perspectives. The second recommendation is for the federal government to implement the above potential application strategies as a pilot in one or two federal agencies to determine the effectiveness of the strategy. Key words: leadership, communication, leaders, followers, lack

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