Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Benjamin Laird


Youth Ministry




One of the significant components of church growth and development is having a functioning youth and young adult ministry founded on the Gospel and managed by individuals who understand youth participation in the church. Unfortunately for the black church and many others, the grim reality is that they have been suffering from the same inactive youth and young adult ministry problem for quite some time. Local churches have recently witnessed a steady decline in youth attendance due to neighborhood irregularities, parental responsibilities, and youth activities. This thesis project seeks to address and implement methods and processes that will aid in the transformation of an inactive youth and young adult ministry to one that can function alongside other ministries of the local church. This study presents a phased approach targeting church leaders, church members, and parents through personal interaction and training to develop relational unity. The implementation of this phased approach occurred through pastors who shared different techniques that brought about positive progress in their youth ministry. In addition, church members, church leaders, and parents consented to questionnaires in which they expressed their concerns and suggestions for the youth and young adult ministry's success. Finally, research gathering allowed the church leaders, church members, and parents to treat the youth ministry as a family in three phases: belonging, learning, and developing. The result of this project revealed a much more vibrant youth ministry that is now willing to embrace the youth with the spirit of love.

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