School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Michelle Goodwin

Primary Subject Area

Education, Early Childhood; Education, Elementary


preschool, Standards of Learning, Virginia Preschool Initiative


While there remains little doubt that the "founding" preschool programs in America--the High/Scope Perry Program, the Chicago Child-Parent Centers, and the Abecedarian Project--had a positive academic and social impact on the students they served, such claims are difficult to substantiate for students being served in the Virginia Preschool Initiative Program. This study was designed to investigate the educational impact of the state-funded preschool program on the academic achievement of at-risk students who attended school from 1999-2002. These students' third- and fifth-grade Standards of Learning tests, in the subject areas of mathematics and reading, were compared using T-tests and ANOVA calculations to determine if there existed any statistically significant differences in academic achievement. Results from the investigation did not find any significant differences in achievement between those students who attended preschool and those who did not. In fact, reading scores were higher for those female students who did not attend preschool.