School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Jerry L. Newman


Intergenerational, Multigenerational, Worship, Ministry, Church, Music


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Religion


Although literature exists concerning family ministry in the local church, there is little research that gives explicit insight into music and worship ministry’s role in helping to strengthen families. Since worship is one of the ultimate functions of both the church and the family, this study integrates family ministry methodology with worship ministry methodology to discover theological sound and practical ways to build up the family through corporate worship, structured music programs, and community involvement. Guided by biblical and historical foundational teachings on church and family, this qualitative research study identifies perspectives that have not yet been explored and documented concerning the worship ministry of the local church and its role in helping struggling families by exploring existing literature, examining church ministries, and conducting worship leader interviews. The twenty-first century’s post-Christian worldview has impacted the church and family negatively. The subjectivity of autonomous individualism directly opposes the universal truth found in the Bible. The church and its various ministries must find ways to effectively engage a hostile culture that undermines God’s design for the family. As worship ministries discover methods to connect the generations within the church, they will, as a result, unify the church, bring healing to the family, and counter the effects of secular culture.