Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Daniel Russell


Moral Injury, Symptoms, Bible-reading, Therapy, Manage, Healing


Counseling | Religion


The debilitating effect of moral injury on members of the Sergeant Major Association of California in the Bay Area/Central Valley/Los Angeles area has deprived member veterans of a good and meaningful quality of life. This study aims to recognize the challenging impact of moral injury on adult Bay Area/Central Valley/LA veterans, address its symptoms using Bible reading therapy, and reassess their progress for an effective and lasting solution to veterans who are battling with war’s unseen wounds. The study used mixed research methods that incorporate the technical and social features of the combination of qualitative and quantitative means to help participant veterans to begin a healing process that would help them reconnect to self, their community, and their God. It analyzed and addressed symptoms of moral injury on ten veterans through interviews, pre-intervention survey, virtual Bible-reading group therapy sessions and debriefs, and post-intervention survey over ten weeks. The result showed that the negative effect of veterans’ moral injury symptoms on their welfare was reduced, and study participants were able to manage their symptoms more efficiently after going through five controlled Bible-reading therapies. The study will help chaplains, pastoral counselors, pastors, and behavioral health personnel understand and utilize the spiritually/emotionally enriching Word of God to treat a spiritually/emotionally disparaging problem of moral injury.