School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Susan Quindag


African American teachers, beginning teachers, culturally responsive pedagogy, induction, teacher education


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this applied study was to improve the BTI program for African American teachers in the Green Pastures School District by gathering information on the BTI program and formulating solutions. A multimethod design was used consisting of both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The first approach was semi-structured interviews with district and school site administrators. The second approach was conducting a focus group with African American beginning teachers. The third approach involved the development of a survey completed by district and school site administrators and African American beginning teachers. Based on the findings, this applied study identified several recommendations for solving the problem of improving the BTI program experience for African American beginning teachers in the Green Pastures District. These recommendations included revamping the BTI program in the areas of Summer Bridge planning and implementation, leadership and mentor training, diversity implementation in the classroom and implementation of small support groups that address various areas associated with years in the BTI program, content area and overall experiences as African American beginning teachers.