Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jeff Johnsen


Youth Discipleship, Youth Dropout Rate in Church, Church Revitalization, Youth Ministry Development


Christianity | Religion


In most recent years, the decline of youth in North American churches has become a general area of concern. Churches, para-ministries, and youth ministries alike have sought to combat the mass youth exodus. Despite the gains recognized in education, ministry to emerging generations in practical ways churches ar not fairing well in their ability to engage and maintain young believers. This project stems from the idea that a youth discipleship framework is essential to youth discipleship and church revitalization. This study uses dual quantitative and qualitative interviews with youth ministry leaders to understand their experiences and observations regarding the barriers to youth discipleship. The purpose of this quasi-experimental study is to examine the cognizance of youth ministry leaders to apply, recognize and address the need to develop and foster a comprehensive youth discipleship framework. This study consists of pre and post-assessments, surveys, and a strategic plan for implementing best practices for youth discipleship. The result of this project is to assist youth ministries in developing a framework for discipleship that promotes growth and leads to church revitalization.

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