Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


David H. Chung

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


Daniel Dongwon Lee, Expository, Global MIssion Church, Korean Pastor, Preaching


There were many studies on the preachers and preaching styles, but only a few were done by analyzing one preacher. In his analysis method for the preaching style, Sung Young Chung presented three critical measuring parts: Interest, Clarity, and Dynamic Influence. The researcher selected a pastor, Daniel Dongwon Lee, as a sample of the current study because he is one of the leading preachers in Korea. The researcher analyzed 26 of his sermons with the measuring parts listed above. As a result, Pastor Daniel Lee had good results for each element. For the Interest part, his using illustrations with humor and using questions enhanced the sermon interest. Other elements such as the Introduction or Dynamic expressions were positively related to the Interest part. For the Clarity part, his ideas and propositions were clear and articulated in his sermons. Other elements such as the Outline, Analysis of the Audience, or Communication Method were positively related to the Clarity part. For the Dynamic Influence part, Pastor Daniel Lee had excellent results on each element. His passion and assurance of God's word influenced other elements such as the Conclusion and Invitation.