Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)


Michael Coleman


Transformational, Leadership, Theory, Empowerment, Job Dissatisfaction




The Veterans Health Administration cares for a unique population of patients--Veterans. When it comes to job dissatisfaction, the administration ranked 18th among 19 other Federal agencies. Transformational leaders are instrumental in motivating and encouraging healthcare employees. The specific leadership problem in this research study was the failure of healthcare leaders to empower employees within Federal government healthcare facilities in the United States resulting in job dissatisfaction, lack of organizational commitment, and negative changes in behavior (increased absenteeism, increased turnover, burnout, and poor performance). The significant issue was addressed by interviewing 13 Vet Center Directors and two Nurse Managers to learn what type of leadership they use to curtail job dissatisfaction. No physicians participated. Overall, five themes was revealed and allowed the researcher to provide potential implementation strategies for leaders to adopt. The over-arching theme discussed in section two builds a foundation for current and new leaders to see that using transformational and servant leadership styles is a best practice in Federal healthcare organizations. Addressing such leadership problems may require leaders to introduce new and innovative strategies to accomplish goals while also creating an environment that is conducive the employee’s well-being. Accordingly, the organization's success relies heavily on the leader's ability to transform ideas into acheivements, make unbiased decisions, communicate effectively, and take risks for the greater good of the organization and employees, thus, the most effective manner to do this is by building alliances through transformation and serving according to moral values. Leaders who personally and professionally know their followers (biblically known as disciples) are more gratified, hence, using their abilities to upbuild the kingdom of God.

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