Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Johnathan Edward Sullivan


Abandonment, Pornography, Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse


Christianity | Counseling | Religion


This thesis project addressed the couple’s ministry life group class at Ridgeville Church of God, as it intends to address how childhood trauma affects married couples. The purpose was to provide proper tools and resources through an education process such as a marriage conference. Chapter One introduces the church’s historical context, mission statement, vision statement, the possible limitations of implementing such a class, and the pastor’s professional background. The literature review in Chapter Two highlights the powerful effects of childhood trauma, especially in individuals’ marriages, more specifically, couples’ intimacy. Survey-style data was the selected method used in this research due to the sensitive nature of the topics covered. Chapter Three demonstrates the plan of action for the marriage conference. Chapter Four analysis of the pre-conference surveys and the post-conference surveys chart the data from the 13 individuals in attendance. Finally, chapter Five concludes by highlighting the importance of educating more congregations than just Ridgeville Church of God on the impacts of childhood trauma and early exposure to pornography. The conclusion indicates further areas to research, even raising new questions that possibly contribute additional factors to the conflicts in marriage and intimacy.