School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Constance Pearson

Primary Subject Area

Education, Mathematics; Education, Reading; Education, Secondary


afterschool programs, at-risk students, behavior, CRCT Math Scores, CRCT Reading Scores, middle school students


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect an afterschool program had on middle school at-risk students' standardized test scores and behavior. The study examined students who participated in the 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool program at two similar schools in a county in Northwest Georgia. Data were compiled for the two school years, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. The researcher compared students' math and reading CRCT scale scores from before and after they attended an afterschool program; the number of office referrals for students from before and after they attended the afterschool program were also compared. The researcher also attempted to determine whether the frequency of attendance at an afterschool program affected math and reading CRCT scale scores and/or office referrals. A two-tailed paired t-test was conducted to compare the groups' pre-treatment and post treatment of the CRCT scale score in reading and math, in addition to office referrals. Significant differences were found in math CRCT scale scores and female math CRCT scale scores, while the reading and the number of office referrals did not show a significant difference. Attendance rates were not significantly correlated with math and reading achievement scores or office referrals.