School of Education


Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (EdD)


Tamika Hibbert


transcendental phenomenological study, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, middle school setting, teachers’ experiences


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


The purpose of this qualitative transcendental phenomenological study was to understand teachers’ experiences when implementing the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support systemic framework in a middle school setting. The problem was teachers’ lack of emotional and tangible support from their schools when exerting time, energy, and resources necessary for successful implementation of the components of the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework. The theory that guided this study was Revans’ action learning theory (ALT), which consisted of four components: (a) problems, (b) clients, (c) self-advisors, and (d) processes. The central research question that guided this study was: what are the experiences of teachers when it comes to selecting appropriate interventions for middle school students when working within the multi-tiered systems of support in a middle school setting? I collected data from nine participants via semi-structured interviews and a focus group, and a document review of the schools’ policies and procedures that highlighted the MTSS framework. Three themes emerged as the findings from this study that included: (a) time constraints, (b) lack of training and support, and (c) processes that are not streamlined for the cohesive evaluation of students.