Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dennis R. McDonald


Holy, Holy Spirit, Preaching, Miracle, Filled, Baptism




The problem is that many preachers should strive to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Not being filled with the Holy Spirit hinders the power of God in spiritual manifestation, be it healing, preaching, teaching, etc, in the lives of believers. The purpose is to teach preachers how to be filled with the Holy Spirit in their preaching and education as the adversary desires to tempt the preacher with sin, causing the quenching of the Holy Spirit in the preacher’s life. As the preacher is filled with the Holy Spirit, God's people have a chance to experience the available preaching and healing power of the Holy Spirit in their midst. The research was conducted through a small sample size of preachers, deacons, auxiliary leaders, and lay members familiar with the Holy Spirit. The data collected will verify the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Spirit and His purpose in the preacher and believers' lives. This thesis project will ascertain the effectiveness of teaching preachers to be filled with the Holy Spirit in their preaching. This work, too, proposes to ensure preachers live a holy and righteous life pleasing to God; if so, the Holy Spirit will empower their preaching and bless the people through the preached Word. The preacher cannot accomplish this task unless the Holy Spirit is active in their lives.

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