School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Jerry L. Newman


Worship Leader, Worship School, Online Education, Korea


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Religion


A trained worship leader plays a significant role in a modern church's proper worship experience. It is hard to find well-prepared worship leaders, and most local churches need to train those who are or will be leading their worship services. There have been various courses for this purpose by several organizations in Korea. However, these programs have usually been limited to those who are able to attend at a certain time and place set by the organization. Those who do not live in large cities or cannot afford time off during those hours have been excluded from the opportunity to take in-person classes. Recently, the development of information technology continues to expand the opportunity of online education, in which the limitations of traditional education could be alleviated for service recipients without time and space constraints. This project aims to discover a strategy to establish an effective online education program for Korean worship leaders. This research is supported by a review of the literature covering precedent approaches to the essential qualities required of a worship leader and how to educate them properly, by determining how existing worship schools in Korea are attempting online education, and by analyzing the available online tools for worship education. The expected benefit of this project is to provide more opportunities for current and future worship leaders of local churches who have not been able to attend in-person courses to enhance their ability to lead worship by participating in online programs.