School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Jerry L. Newman


Evaluation, Music Education, Administrator, Perspective, Preparation


Education | Music


Despite the perspectives of music educators in classroom evaluation processes, the perspectives of Texas administrators using the newest teacher evaluation process, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS), have yet to be examined. The administrators’ perspectives matter because the complexity of the T-TESS process coupled with the uncertainty of music educational knowledge may lead to inconsistency in evaluation. This qualitative study aims to examine the perspectives of Texas administrators concerning their preparation in music teacher evaluation. Current research fails to identify the perspectives of Texas administrators in the evaluation of music educators in classroom instruction. Views on evaluation training, pedagogical knowledge, and teacher-administrator relationships have emerged as themes for this study. To illustrate the perspectives of Texas administrators, semi-structured interviews of administrators were conducted. Once completed and returned, the data was compiled and disaggregated into the common themes previously mentioned and others as applicable. This work was essential due to T-TESS evaluation processes being relatively new to Texas education and the discussion of administrators’ perspectives in the music classroom as an area need. Music educators deserve fair and accurate feedback and support—the same as any non-music educator. Understanding what administrators know about music education and what they feel best prepares them for the evaluation process can encourage further research by other arts education disciplines. Results verified that participants were confident in their evaluation of general instructional practices with some reservations regarding content knowledge and other music related procedures.