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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


David B Earley

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, Marketing; Religion, General


Church, Evangelism, Outreach


Pastors of small to medium size churches face a dilemma. Without exception, when asked in what areas they feel inadequate, inevitably one of the prominent deficiencies mentioned is outreach and evangelism. Many feel like they cannot compete with big-budget, high-attendance churches. Honest appraisal shows that most are facing attendance patterns that are declining or flat. Faced with the current economic depression, many churches experience a decrease in giving, and salaries, benefits and programs are either frozen or cut. What's a pastor to do?

The purpose of this project is to provide pastors of small to medium size churches with not only an abundant collection of outreach and evangelism ideas that are effective and economical, but also to equip them with the means to continue discovering and developing more. Most importantly, this project will give pastors a model with which to achieve outreach and evangelism by equipping a team of outreach leaders to carry the ministry forward and to perpetuate it for future generations.