School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Paul Rumrill


Trinity, Relationships, Perichoresis, Interpersonal


Liturgy and Worship


The impetus for this study is the fact that many times I have heard people describe Christianity using the phrase, “It’s all about relationship,” and the more I meditate on that thought, the more I do not think most people know what they mean when they say that. Sometimes the relationship they describe amounts to prayer and Bible study. Sometimes it is an attempt to draw a contrast between works-based religion and “the real thing.” In my experience, however, they never drill down to defining what that real thing is. I wholeheartedly agree it is all about relationship; thus, this work is aimed at defining more precisely the nature of this relationship. To state the problem this thesis addresses succinctly: the specifics of the relationship between Father and Son, Son and Spirit, and Spirit and Father, have not yet been adequately explored. To state the purpose of the project succinctly: the purpose of this work is to offer more robust commentary on the nature of the interpersonal Trinitarian relationships, various aspects of the relationship between God and humanity, and several aspects of our relationships with others. The main thrust of this thesis is that the purpose of life is to fellowship with God and with others, and the origin of that purpose is found in the interpersonal self-fellowship of the Triune God.