Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Ranjan George


international acquisition, integration resistance, Nashville creative cluster, integration strategy, digital streaming




A qualitative case study was utilized for understanding integration resistance throughout the process of international acquisition and integration within the Nashville music publishing creative cluster. The general problem addressed was the integration resistance associated with the acquisition of small independent companies by international firms and the effects on employee satisfaction and productivity resulting in the reduction of firm performance and an increase in employee turnover. The purpose of this flexible design qualitative case study was to add to the body of knowledge on the failure of international acquisitions due to a decline in the productivity and job satisfaction of employees after a merger and acquisition. The first few research questions explored the experiences of employees throughout the acquisition and integration process and the factors associated with changes in job satisfaction and productivity. The final research questions explored if integration strategies were utilized and the effect that the Nashville market’s culture had on the success of acquisition and integration. Sixteen one-on-one interviews were conducted which resulted in nine key themes. The discovered themes combined with the existing research helped to establish critical recommendations for successful acquisition and integration within the Nashville market. With the completion of this study, international firms wishing to enter the Nashville market through acquisition and integration should have a better understanding of the issues they will face. Lastly, the study’s recommendations provide a framework and best practices for acquisition and integration within the Nashville music publishing creative cluster.

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