Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Thomas A. Keiser


disciple, discipleship, mentor, mentee, mentoring




The researcher presents an action thesis conducted at Crossroads Family Ministries, studying multiple mentors’ effects in the discipleship process. Single mentor discipleship systems where one mentor disciples one mentee are common in many churches. However, placing one mentee with multiple mentors should produce better-discipled individuals with a greater experience and spiritual gift base from which to grow. This study aims to measure the effect collaborative mentoring has on a mentee during the discipleship process. The researcher has recruited five mentees and fifteen mentors to participate in this study. Four mentees are unfamiliar with the discipleship material and will each be assigned to three mentors creating four discipling groups. There will be one additional group where the mentee has previously experienced discipleship under the single mentor system. Each discipling group will meet for nine weeks, during which each mentor will have three weeks of close interaction with their mentee. The mentors will be trained and continuously encouraged to collaborate on addressing the needs of their mentees. All participants will be required to keep a journal of their observations and progress. The mentees will be given an anonymous survey at the end of this study to help assess the impact of multiple mentors. The results of this thesis project will influence the methodology of discipleship in Crossroads Family Ministries and potentially other local churches. If mentees benefit from a collaborative of mentors working together, then the single mentor model could be abandoned for a multiple mentor approach.

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