Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Joshua Dugan


online, ministry, church, strategy, migrating, leadership


Christianity | Leadership Studies | Religion


The COVID-19 crisis was unexpected by the universal church. The current pandemic revealed that the universal church and many local churches were not prepared for its’ accompanying challenges or to adapt in general. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, churches across America were required to temporarily cease in-person public gatherings and later to reduce the number of participants once in-person meetings were allowed again. This scenario caused many churches to have to adapt to the current circumstances to continue ministering. The purpose of this DMin research project is to amplify Sonrise Church’s online ministry presence and determine if it garners greater engagement among members and non-members. This project explores the idea that both congregant and public engagement with the church ministry should increase if the church improves and promotes its ministry by actively utilizing and amplifying its website and Facebook page and actively create or curate content. By regularly creating or curating content for the platforms, providing blogs on the website, actively moderating online discussions on both platforms, and actively facilitating online engagement among all participants, the vitality and expansion of the church’s ministry should increase. Doing the aforementioned will also provide the church with a greater opportunity to pursue the Great Commission. Additionally, two surveys were conducted during the project. One was meant to ascertain the prevailing perception and understanding of Christians concerning the usage of online platforms for ministry. The other survey targeted the general populace to determine their interest in Christianity and engaging Christian ministry online.