School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Vernon M. Whaley


Gospel Music Style, Gospel Choir Curriculum, Gospel Music, Gospel Choir Ensemble Pedagogy, Gospel Music Form, Improvisation




During the late 1990s, gospel music emergence in secondary schools and colleges brought a new awareness of a dynamic change in social-cultural, peer-relations, and many educational sector activities in America. Gospel music is part of the musical tapestry in the United States arts community. The music genre shapes, frames, and reflects the worship-life and faith expression in most African-American churches. The nature of gospel music itself encourages teachers to introduce it as a meaningful, albeit alternative genre in music education curriculum and teaching experiences. This study aims to articulate the significance of integrating gospel music ensemble into the college music curriculum and teaching experience. The study will use descriptive and historical research methodology for establishing the need for including gospel music in the collegiate level curriculum and developing guidelines for appropriate learning outcomes, the scope of gospel music repertoire,and gospel music ensemble pedagogy. The study will also outline and demonstrate the benefit the gospel choir ensemble has for university and college educational, social, public relations, and marketing programs. Keywords: Gospel music, gospel music style, gospel choir, gospel music form, pedagogy, improvisation, vamp.

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