Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Danny Allen


Healthy Leadership, Relationship, Biblical Interdependence, Intergenerational church, Multi-congregational church, Changing the Narrative, Korean American Church




The Korean American churches have faced many challenges associated with cultural and generational gaps between the Korean and English-speaking congregations. Despite meaningful attempts to resolve the issues, the Korean American church leaders are still struggling to find the right system or a model that could unite Korean American churches. The purpose of this research thesis is to address the leadership challenges in a multi-congregational church by examining the vision of interdependence to bring strategic changes that promote greater unity between the two congregations. This research thesis will help the leaders at NCFC identify the core issues of leadership and reevaluate and revamp the interdependent model that encourages the leadership to pursue an intentional partnership that bridges the cultural, generational, and relational gaps in the church. NCFC leadership needs to channel its resources in training and equipping current and future leaders in biblical, organizational, and strategic leadership that both congregations can benefit from excellent leadership that leads to fruitful ministries. The research method will include interviews, questionnaires, and surveys from church members and leaders. This study will require a thorough evaluation of the church’s vision, implementation, and an improved strategy to help bring unity between KC and EC. The results showed a direct correlation between the leadership challenges and the challenges of the interdependence model. The relationship between the leadership, communicating a clear vision and establishing a family culture that serves and loves each other will help resolve cultural challenges within the multi-congregational church.

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