Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Roy E. Lucas


theology, gospel, soteriology, classroom, Bible, college


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


The purpose of this project is to confront and correct the level of gospel misunderstanding found within the project director’s ministry context at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. Through Anonymously surveying a group of ministry students at CCBBC regarding their understanding of the gospel, their level of gospel misunderstanding was assessed. The project director constructed lectures to articulate a theology of the gospel curriculum that he presented to this same group of ministry students. Then, he anonymously surveyed this same group of ministry students again to determine the amount of growth the students acquired as a result of engaging with a specific theology of the gospel curriculum. Ultimately this project was intended to determine if the ministry students at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College would gain gospel understanding and develop a complete theology of the gospel as a result of being exposed to a curriculum that aims to foster the student’s grasp on the totality of the gospel. This project made clear whether or not Clear Creek Baptist Bible College should offer a class on the subject of the theology of the gospel. The results of this research endeavor proved that the undergraduate ministry students who participated in this project experienced remarkable growth in their understanding of the theology of the gospel. Moreover, this project affirmed with empirical data that CCBBC should offer an elective on the theology of the gospel in their undergraduate course catalog.