Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Brent Kelly


Chaplaincy, Licensed Counselor, Army, Family Life, Counselor, LPC




The problem presented in this project is that the senior leaders of the 108th Training Command in the Army Reserves lack an understanding of the primary differences between unit-level chaplains and the specialty of family life chaplaincy. By lacking an understanding of the differences in the roles and responsibilities of these separate entities, the FLC is often underutilized. The development of an education program was designed to provide these senior leaders with specific knowledge related to the family life chaplaincy. The 108th offered approximately 7700 potential participants, but the focus was directed at senior leaders throughout the command. Fourteen individuals qualified for participation based on responses. Given the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations, this project was conducted primarily through virtual methods. Three principal documents were created to capture the data needed for this project. There was a pre-training assessment, an interview process that clarified initial answers and captured any associated details, and a post-training assessment to be used to compare changes in responses. The results reflected a large growth in correct responses indicating an increased knowledge of understanding associated with the roles and responsibilities of FLCs. The project focus was on family life chaplaincy but allowed for further study in other areas of the chaplaincy to determine general knowledge of the many specialties within the chaplaincy.

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