Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Ralph Baeza


Arts, Discipleship, Culture, Ministry, Leadership, Curriculum, Worldview, Church, Shepherding, Evangelism


Leadership Studies


Naples, Florida, is home to many talented artists. Many hold to various worldviews that are different from a biblical one. Both secular and Christian artists are on a mission to transform the culture. This divide creates challenges for Storytellers Creative Arts’ mission to do evangelism through the arts. Artists, over centuries, have functioned in various roles within the church, marketplace, government, communications, entertainment, and education. The arts have always been one of the most powerful forces in transforming the world. God has instituted the church as His most redeeming force to transform culture. Rather than allowing the arts to be taken over by the forces of darkness, the church should disciple, and unleash artists to transform culture with their God-given talents. Artists need to be affirmed and celebrated as partners in the mission of the church. When artists are not nurtured by the church, they often disconnect and question their faith. Storytellers Creative Arts aspires to work in tandem with churches and ministries to evangelize, develop and deploy artists as disciples who transform their families, communities, and world. This research thesis will provide methods to disciple artists and impactfully engage the secular culture with the Gospel.