Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Robert Greer


Servant-leadership, Authoritarianism, Nigeria, Church, Diaspora, Discipleship


Christianity | Leadership Studies | Religion


Due to the infiltration of Nigerian authoritarian culture into the church, many Nigerian churches today are struggling with leadership issues. This has resulted in many of the younger generation losing faith in the church despite the outburst of “revival” and churches in virtually every community. Some had struggled in vain to attain leadership positions in the church. Nevertheless, the church teaches on leadership, but from the authoritarian point of view. A major case in point is the Christ Apostolic Church, the first indigenous Pentecostal church in Nigeria, which has assemblies in the United States. This research will look into the meanings of the words: leadership, discipleship, and servant-leadership, and also look at the reason why discipleship stops whenever people attain or were assigned positions in leadership in the Christ Apostolic Church. The approach to the research will be through both academic and applied research. This will include but is not limited to, literature reviews, interviews of some church leaders and members, surveys, questionnaires. The research is intended to see the correlation between discipleship and leadership, how this can give more meaning to the term servant-leadership. How a servant-leadership program, based on the correlation, can help make the leaders understand the essence of still being a disciple even while leading, to make leadership in the church, of the church, and by the church, more meaningful and trustworthy.