Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Davod Bosch


Cryptocurrency, Asset Class, Classification, Regulation, Bitcoin




The purpose of this qualitative study was to research the need for a separate asset class for cryptocurrency. The researcher found a lack of research on this topic and conducted research that provides more information on the topic than is currently in existence. The researcher examined the effects of classification and lack of classification of cryptocurrency as an asset class. This research provided a greater understanding of how cryptocurrency is working without a separate asset classification and added to the current research on the topic. The researcher interviewed multiple people, all with various forms of involvement with cryptocurrency. The interview participants were all pro cryptocurrency and believed in the future of cryptocurrency. The research participants were asked questions about the different asset classes, opinions on the need for a separate asset class for cryptocurrency, regulation, the level of government’s involvement, and the governmental agencies that would be involved in the cryptocurrency regulation. The researcher and the interviewees identified different thoughts on the need for separate asset classification for cryptocurrency and the level of importance for this action. Additionally, the researcher made multiple recommendations for action by the government and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Due to cryptocurrency’s constant evolvement, the researcher supported the need for continuous research on cryptocurrency, potential classification, and regulation.

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