Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Paul Jacobs


Education, End-of-life, Hope, Peaceful Passing, Transitioning


Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


Life Changers Community Fellowship Church, of Jackson, Mississippi, struggles to provide end-of-life spiritual care to its members. Its church leadership has placed the responsibility of providing end-of-life spiritual care on institutions such as hospice and palliative care companies. These organizations do their best to provide end-of-life spiritual care, but struggle due to cultural and ethnical boundaries, and a lack of resources to provide such care. This study seeks to examine whether end-of-life spiritual care is a biblical concern and/or mandate within church leadership. In addition, this study will explore how hospice chaplains understand end-of-life spiritual care provided to patients and their families. The research will be based on qualitative end-of-life spiritual care research using surveys to assess the congregation’s need. The theory guiding this study is highly influenced by those who do not receive adequate end-of-life spiritual care versus those who do. Data was collected to report the significance of how end-of-life spiritual care effectively prepares those who are transitioning from life to death. The result of this study will educate minority churches in developing practical ways to provide this type of spiritual care in minority churches and their communities.