Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Robert C. Greer


Servanthood, Participation, Spectator, Spirit-filled, Heart, Service


Christianity | Religion


In the ninth chapter of Matthew's Gospel, verses thirty-six through thirty-eight, Jesus said to His disciples that the fields were ripe for harvest, but the workers are few. This dissertation project will address the question of why today, as in the days of Jesus, workers in the church continue to be few in number. Specifically, what factors have contributed to the majority of those who attend church becoming spectators rather than servants, and what will change the heart of the individual? This study will include three primary data collection methods comprised of a pre- and post-intervention questionnaire, a ten-question survey supplied to 155 area religious leaders, and a pre- and post-intervention number of event logistic participants. The study setting will be Remnant Life Church, in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, with a participating sample size of approximately forty-six people. A teaching of servanthood's spiritual principles is necessary to prevent many, in ignorance, from embracing opportunities to serve. In addition, the mandate for God’s people to serve one another will also be included so that, when the study has ended, church leaders will have the materials, means, and method to biblically lead their congregation to a higher degree of participation.

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