Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Norman Mathers


Short-term Missions, Missions, Relationships, Church, Missional, Sending Unity


Christianity | Religion


This thesis project is a study on short-term missions in the context of Cypress Baptist Church as a sending unit. The purpose of this project is to seek answers of why many of Cypress members are choosing not to engage globally by being part of the ministry of short-term missions at Cypress. Cypress Baptist Church is a rapidly growing church, and as it grows it should see more members participating in short-term missions. The goal is to ask the people of Cypress questions centered around this project so the project manager can get candid, real answers to why many are not participating. The project will use questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and on the field data to listen and hear from Cypress members on this subject. The project manager will study other projects and writings on the subject of short-term missions—specifically for the church—to help guide this thesis project to a complete understanding of short-term missions. The goal within this project after hearing the reasons for not going is to begin the process to see more of Cypress members involved in short-term missions. Although this project is about seeing and hearing the answers of why more members of Cypress are not participating, through the results it will hopefully produce answers to alleviate these reasons in many of the members of Cypress Baptist Church to see Cypress as a whole engage globally.

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