School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling (EdD)


Mario Garcia


Marital Satisfaction, Pastors, Pastors' Spouses, Affection, Sexual Satisfaction, Communication, Burnout, Loneliness


Counseling | Social and Behavioral Sciences


The Latino population in the United States has been the primary driver of demographic growth in the country (Flores, 2017). With this increasing shift in America, it is important to investigate the unique strains on clergy families among Latino pastors as evidence suggests stress is a threat to marital satisfaction and its longevity (Randall & Bodenmann, 2009). Very little literature on marital dynamics has focused on Latino pastors; thus, a need exists for more research in examining how cultural values and acculturation impact marital satisfaction while considering the relationship between marital satisfaction and selected variables: affection, sexual satisfaction, communication, burnout, and loneliness. The goal of this study is to examine marital satisfaction in Latino pastors and their spouses and how selected predicting factors influence satisfaction. This study will utilize a quantitative survey design on a population of 30-40 Latino pastors and their spouses. Data collection will be completed online through an internet survey program. Participants will complete a demographic questionnaire, the couples satisfaction index (CSI-32), the short acculturation scale for Hispanics (SASH), the index of sexual satisfaction (ISS), the communications patterns questionnaire-short form (CQP-SF), a supplemental question regarding affection, the Maslach burnout inventory, and the UCLA loneliness scale. Correlational analyses will be utilized to examine the relationship between marital satisfaction and its predicting factors. Acculturation will act as a moderator to analyze how it may differentially moderate affection, communication, affection, burnout, and loneliness in predicting marital satisfaction. The findings of this study may provide relevant data to counselors to increase familiarity with the counseling needs of this growing group.

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